The first solo exhibition in İstanbul/ museum of turkish and islamic arts

open from 16th September to 29th September ,from 10am  to 5pm.Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Atmeydanı/ Fatih/İstanbul



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Hattat ve modern kaligrafist


Esmaeil Rashvand  

   Date of Birth:1957.Iran



Activities: Calligraphy,Calligraphy Painting,Teaching,ArtResearch,Author

Education: Master in Art

Awards,festivals & Exhibtions:


      -  First Award of calligraphy ,Zanjan Iran” Nastaliq “  style for Three consecutive years 

       1996,1997 and 1998


        Exhibitions contain 20 collective expositions and festival arts, and also 12 solo exhibitions, as:

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love One: Sohrevardy Hall, Zanjan, 1991.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Two: Sun Home, Tehran, 1992.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Three: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1992.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Four: Sun Home, Tehran, 1994.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Five: Amirkabir Gallery, Tehran, 1995.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Six: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1996.

- Solo Exhibition Practice Love Seven: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1998.

     -   A Review Of Half Century Of Iranian Contemporary Calligraphy-Painting

2July-11September 2011-Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Arts. 

     - Solo Exhibition, Shokouh Art  gallery,Tehran,Iran, May 2011.

     - Solo Exhibition to benefit earthquake victims of Azarbayjan,Gallery of Imam Khomeini Academy, Zanjan August 2012.

     - Group Exhibition , Paris , Nicolas Flamel,2013.

     - Solo Exhibition, Shokouh Art  gallery,Tehran,Iran ,2013.

     - Solo Exhibition Painting Calligraphy Exhibiation/,Shokouh Art  gallery,Tehran,Iran,18-30 May,2014.

     - Group Exhibition , Seyhoun gallery , Tehran , JUNE 2013.

     - Group Exhibition , Mojhdeh gallery , Kerman copper Museum ,Keman ,  October 2014.

     - Group Exhibition,Grand Festivalof Art for Peace,Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran,Iran,Sep,2015.

     - Collection of WorksbyContemporary Iranian Artists,National Museumof Oriental.Art in Rome,March2015.

-      Group Exhibition, Ahvaz Museum Of Contemporary Arts,Ahvaz,Iran,Feb,2015 

      - Group Exhibation,Art Feast,Iranian Artists Forum,Tehran Iran,July,2015

     - Group Exhibition, Of Contemporary Iranian Art Masters,Seyhoun Art Gallery ,Tehran,Iran ,Sept,2017.

     - Solo Exhibition,Fereshteh Art Gallery, Tehran ,Iran .Nov,2017.

     - Group Exhibition, Art for Autism ,Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran,Ira,Dec,2017.

     - Group Exhibitio,Gooya Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran,April,2018


     - Calligraphy effects Festival referee of Zanjan, 1996 – 1997

     - Calligraphy effects Festival referee of Red Crescent Youth Organization , 1996



Essays & Books:

      Author of Learning Calligraphy, edition 2001-2017 for Graphic, Handicraft, Printing and calligraphy students for all         governmental and non-governmental schools and collages in Iran this book is also source for art university entrance exams.  Author has essays in art fields as calligraphy, calligraphic painting, and some reviews so that gazette in famous press, as:

- Calligraphy, edition 2001-2017 for Graphic, Handicraft, Printing and calligraphy students for all governmental and non-governmental schools and collages in Iran

- Hamshahry Newspaper,1996 ,Essay on CALLIGRAPHY ART  BEYOND PENMANSHIP

- Art Magazine,1999 ,Essay on WORSHIP FINGERS QUIDDITY

- Hamshahry Newspaper,1999, Essay on NEW THEORY ABOUT ARTS ASPECT OF CALLIGRAPHY

- Penmanship Book, Iran Educational System, 1999, Essay on REVIEW AND EXPLAIN OF WHY STUDENTS ARE NOT PENMANSHIP

- Hamshahry Newspaper,2000, Essay on Necessity Of Reviewing and Explaining Calligraphy Teaching

- International Meeting Of Calligraphy In Islam World, 2002, Essay On Calligraphy Today,

- Art Magazine,2004 ,Essay on Art Criticism About Calligraphy and Khatnaghashi(painting calligraphy)

Educational Activities:


- 1984 to 2004 teaching art and calligraphy in national schools and higher education.

- 1985 to 2000 teaching in calligraphers association and Iranian Red Crescent in Zanjan Province.

- Modern and innovative method of Nastaligh teaching on Zanjan TV.

- 2006 to 2009 introducing modern methods in teaching line scribal on Contemporary calligraphist institute of Tehran.

- Authorship of modern methods in Nastaligh teaching and apply it for Education System since 2001.

Books, articles and reviews






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Esmaeil Rashvand

Istanbul, Turkey

0555 027 9943 0555 0437366

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